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To express an interest in purchasing art displayed on this website simply contact our studio by e Mail. We will tell you whether the work you are interested is available and provide you with cost information. In many cases Giclee prints of original art are available and sometimes the original art is still available for those who prefer. Most of the art you see posted here is matted and will be shipped to you that way. We can also arrange to have the art framed no matter what the media. Shipping is not included in the purchase price but we can handle shipping for you and discuss the options.

Giclee fine art prints are programmed by computer to duplicate the original art exactly. Archival materials are used to guarantee long life and lasting quality of the art. Giclee is a French word which roughly translated means spray or spritz. This describes the action of a high quality printer that distributes the archival inks to a paper or canvas surface in the exact combination necessary to duplicate the original.

We offer Giclee Fine Art prints for one reason. We want everyone who likes a picture they see to be able to own it. The fact that the original has been sold should not deprive others from owning a visual that gives them pleasure.


Send us an e Mail. We welcome your inquiries regarding the art displayed at this site. Whether you are interested in making a purchase or simply have a question about things you have seen here please do not hesitate to contact us we welcome your interest.